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We've nearly finished Resident Evil 7, but it's getting really tense - come watch us

Resident Evil 7 isn't proving any less terrifying even with most of the game under our belts.

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Resident Evil 7 has been good to us, where "good" means "has traumatised poor Shabana". But she's nearly done, maybe - and we might knock it over tonight.

If she does finish Resident Evil 7 in quick order, Shabana may switch to Conan Exiles, but at time of writing she was luring in the hallways of the Baker mansion, fending off baddies and occasionally pausing to hyperventilate slightly and examine her inventory in the hopes that it will suddenly feature more ammunition. Specifically "good bullets", apparently.

At this end of the game, you have to wonder - is it worse reserving all the best gear in case there's a boss, or should you start using it all up? Good old inventory management. You can tell this is a real Resident Evil game.

I'm personally really glad it's been Shabana playing Resident Evil 7 in front of a camera and not me, because her reaction to extreme fear involves significantly less screaming, falling over and crying than mine does. Still, if you enjoy watching people suffer, the scarier moments are definitely having an effect.

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