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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide gets horde mode, free DLC

Having slipped out of February, the Last Stand update is now live for Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide.


Fatshark has released the Last Stand DLC as a free update to all Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide owners on PC.

The update coincides with the launch of the game's first paid DLC, which offers a new map set in fort Schluesselschloss. It's priced $2.99/ €2.99/ £1.99.

The Last Stand adds a new horde-style game mode where players fend off wave after wave of Skaven. Loot is rewarded based on how long your team survives. Last Stand also brings a new map, The Town, set in Von Jungfreudsplatz in central Ubersreik.

Even if you don't own Schluesselschloss, you can still play with any host who owns it.

Take a look at Last Stand in the trailer below:

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