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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide DLC adds three maps, free on Steam this weekend

Three new maps, what a glorious day.


Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide free on Steam this weekend, new DLC out now

PC exclusive first-person co-op action effort Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide is free on Steam this weekend.

Dive on in and have a go; if you like what you see you can pick it up at a discount.

In other news, a new DLC called Drachenfels launched today. As with all the other DLC packs so far, only the host needs to own it, and then everyone else can access the content.

The new pack adds three maps set outside the walls of Ubersreik, in the Grey Mountains. Here's Fatshark's description:

Fight your way through the halls and chambers of Castle Drachenfels, adorned with the bones of victims long gone. Make your way through The Dungeons, sections of which are so dark, a torch is required to illuminate the trap riddled passages. Quell the Skaven reinforcement efforts by destroying the ancient portals on Summoner’s Peak.

The Skaven are on the move, beady eyes set on the dreaded abandoned castle of Drachenfels. In this DLC for Vermintide, it’s up to our heroes to once again stop the Skaven army from fulfilling their vile agenda.

If you're yet to play Vermintide, I recommend it. It's a lot like Left 4 Dead, except everyone is a snarky Warhammer character. Since launch, the unsatisfying loot system has been overhauled a little bit, making it slightly more rewarding to play - but the addition of a horde mode and new maps through DLC has been more helpful in that regard.

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