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Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodhunt - Archetype tier list. Best and Worst classes ranked

Here's our picks for the best and worst archetypes in the new Vampiric battle royale.

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt is out, and as such thousands of players are all rushing to figure out how to score as many wins as possible during the early days of the game’s life. The best way, aside from skillful players of course, is bringing the best Archetype to your matches. Chances are, if you’ve got the better class during combat, you’ll come out on top.

As such, we created this archetype tier list for Bloodhunt so you can improve your odds with the strongest class right now. Obviously, personal preference plays a big part here, but starting from the top and working down is still a good idea for those simply looking for their go-to pick.

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S tier - The best classes


The Vandal is an exceptional option for those who love a bit of melee combat. Not only do they gain passive damage resistance when in close proximity to other players, but their abilities are specially built for quickly traversing the rooftops of Prague and closing the distance on injured enemies.

If you manage to boost your melee damage through feeding of the right mortals, and get your hands on an excellent melee weapon out in the world, the Vandal is one of the best choices hands down.


The siren is an all-around great pick regardless of playstyle, although they excel at mid range fights thank in large part to a pair of excellent abilities. The first is a projection you can send out ahead of you, which can later be dashed to as a brilliant mobility tool in the midst of firefights or when mounting an epic escape. The second, Blinding Beauty, is unparalleled in 1v1 engagements, as it temporarily blinds those around you making them easy pickings.

This on its own would be enough to rank the Siren highly, but their passive Kindred Charm allows for an easier time feeding off mortals. This means a Siren player with their head in the game can quickly and safely rack up passive bonuses in a match no problem. An amazing pick.

A tier - Solid classes


The second Brujah option is also an excellent option, although it swaps out the dominating melee presence for a more defensive mid-range skillset. The Brute retains the leap as an excellent mobility option, although the Brute will be using it more for quick repositioning rather than offensively thanks to their passive ability to regenerate health outside of combat. This means longer fights, drawn out over an extended period of time, is preferable here.

Finally, the Brute has a forward projectile that acts as a defensive wall blocking shots as well as a slow moving projectile. You can use this to provide a moment for recovery and escape, or you can use this offensively to sweep enemies off their feet away from cover. Either way, all strong options that push Brute to the upper half of our list.


Our first Nosferatu archetype appears here, and for good reason! The Prowler is a brilliant option for those who like to really focus on the ‘hunt’ part of the Bloodhunt experience. They are excellent at injuring and chasing down enemies, and are tremendously difficult to shake off.

This comes down to the ability to shoot out bats, which clearly marks enemies nearby for a decent chunk of time. In addition, you have a passive that leaves a trail of blood on severely injured enemies which point you directly to near-death enemies. As such, bring along a powerful sniper to engage a fight, use your other ability which provides temporary invisibility to close the difference, then finish them off.

B tier - Average classes


The Enforcer is a weird one. They are clearly a close-ranged archetype, but don’t quite reach the bar set by the Brute or Vandal. They have a good selection of active abilities though, including temporary invulnerability as long as you don’t start attacking, as well as a short ranged shoulder charge that deals damage and silences other players.

They also have a decent passive that slows nearby enemies in your proximity and alerts you when someone crosses your threshold. Again, not bad at all. The Enforcer’s placement at B is less an indicator of their own merits, but more how they fare against other close ranged options. A solid pick you shouldn’t shy away from.

C tier - The Worst picks


The Saboteur is an archetype that goes all in on stealth and laying traps for enemies. They possess the temporary stealth ability that the Prowler has, but also gains slight invisibility when crouching. Pair this with a Sewer Bomb, which explodes when enemies come close, and you can sit in wait for unfortunate players to stray into your territory.

But here’s the problem. With how vertical Bloodhunt is, and how mobile players are, it’s hard to see opportunities to excel with the Saboteur kit. Let's say you find something really valuable, a golden chest with excellent rewards inside. You set down a bomb, and stealth nearby. Even if someone comes along to loot it, surely you’ll fare better as a combat-oriented class using the better weapons inside?

Maybe in time, the Saboteur will come into its own. But as it stands, it’s hard to see it perform better than its competitors.


The Muse is a dedicated support class, which seems to lack a lot of the impact the Siren possesses. On the bright side, they do get the projection / dash ability which allows them to get tricky in a fight. From there, the perks get somewhat murkier.

Final Act lets you regenerate faster when downed, and refresh all your cooldowns once revived. This would be great, but it relies on you getting downed in the first place. As such, you either need to rely on enemies not finishing you off, or your teammates coming in for the save for this ability to gain value. Largely useless in solos too.

The Saving Grace then must come from Rejuvenating Voice, an AEO heal that slowly channels health recovery to you and allies nearby. This is good for quiet moments, and lessens the need for blood pack scavenging, but it is cancelled the moment you take damage or use powers. As such, it doesn’t have that clutch factor you really need from dedicated support classes.

That wraps up our archetype tier list! For more Bloodhunt content, check out our walkthrough for the Welcome to Elysium quest, as well as our preview for the game ahead of our full review.

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