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Until Dawn is officially coming to PC and PS5, rebuilt and enhanced

The remaster of the 2015 horror game is on its way.

Some characters in Until Dawn.
Image credit: Supermassive Games

In an unexpected turn of events, Until Dawn - the 2015 narrative horror game from Supermassive Games - is being remastered for modern devices. Revealed during tonight's State of Play (January 31), the interactive horror game will be arriving on PC and PS5 soon, rebuilt and enhanced.

For those unfamiliar with Until Dawn, the game was Supermassive Games first foray into interactive horror games. Its success on the PlayStation 4 soon led to the ever-popular Dark Pictures Anthology, and later, spiritual successor The Quarry. Whether you’re familiar with these games or not, they’re all exceptional narrative experiences (for the most part).

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They’ll get under your skin, creep you out and make you laugh, and if played multiplayer, they might just turn you against your own friends. Ultimately, I can’t recommend them enough for horror fans, and this includes Until Dawn especially. It’s where it all began, after all!

Until Dawn follows the plot of many horror movies that came before it; a group of teenagers go to a cozy cabin in the woods where they find themselves at the perils of a masked murderer. As a result, the whole group must fight to survive the night while they wait on someone to rescue them from whatever is lurking in the woods. It’ll then be down to you, the player, to make key decisions that’ll determine whether these teenagers make it through the night… or come to an unfortunate end.

With Until Dawn being remastered for PC and PS5, there’s no excuse not to give the game a go if it sounds up your alley. I know I’ve been dying for the perfect excuse to revisit it, so here’s to hoping that the Until Dawn slasher experience as compelling as it was back in 2015.

There's no news on when the Until Dawn remaster will arrive just yet, but if you want more good news about the IP, there happens to be an Until Dawn movie in the works.

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