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Those playing the Dauntless alpha may want to give these weapon tutorials a watch

If you're planning to jump into the Dauntless founder's alpha this weekend now that it's live, these weapon tutorials will probably come in handy.

Phoenix Labs' action-RPG Dauntless went into alpha yesterday for founders ahead of the closed beta scheduled for September 1.

As previously reported, the free-to-play game is similar to Monster Hunter and others in the same genre, which as you know is a favorite of Arekkz's.

Just to recap from the video we posted last week, players will do their best to take down Behemoths and use the parts taken from them to forge their legend as a Slayer. Parts from these creatures will be used to forge hundreds of fully customizable weapons and armor.

There are four weapons available in the alpha build: Axe, Chain Blades, Hammer and Sword. Each, of course, will work better on some parts of the monsters than others, and each allow the player to use various combo attacks.

Axe Weapon Tutorial

Watch on YouTube

Chain Blades Weapon Tutorial

Watch on YouTube

Hammer Weapon Tutorial

Watch on YouTube

Sword Weapon Tutorial

Watch on YouTube

If you're interested in trying out the alpha, you can still pick up a founders pack over on the Dauntless website. There, you can also sign up for the closed beta and reserve a user name.

Dauntless is slated for release on PC later this year.

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