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Dauntless' next season brings a competitive arena, 2 battle passes

Dauntless is getting a lot of content later this month.

Dauntless developer Phoenix Labs has unveiled Fortune & Glory, the game's upcoming 0.9.0 update that kicks off the next season. The new pirate-themed season kicks off on July 16.

The main event is a challenge arena that takes place on a new island. The island features tougher versions of existing monsters amped up with new modifiers. The more challenges you overcome in the new arena, the more Marks you'll earn.

Marks is Dauntless' new currency debuting with the update, and it splits off into two categories. Steel Marks can be spent on new gameplay-altering mods, whereas Gilded Marks is used for cosmetics.

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There's also the new Wall of Champions, which tracks the fastest clear times for both solo and group hunts. Trials will last one week each, and with every reset, the board will be wiped.

As for the High Skies season itself, expect two battle pass instead of one. Each will still encompass 50 levels and two tracks as usual. The first pass - Fortune & Glory - will be available July 16 and until sometime in August, at which point Zephyr Strike will replace it.

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