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Have a look at the hub town in Monster Hunter World, crafting system, Wildspire Waste map and new monster Kulu-Ya-Ku

Earlier this week, Capcom dropped a new Monster Hunter World trailer providing a look at new monsters and the Wildspire Waste. Let's pick it apart, shall we?

The new Monster Hunter trailer, which you can view here, isn't one of those which just provides a look at the lovely landscape of the new map. It's not a tourism video by any means.

While the Wildspire Waste is indeed a rather interesting area with mountains, caverns, arid plains, deserts and pockets of lush greenery with pools, there's plenty of gameplay and monster killing shown.

Some of the creatures will look familiar to Monster Hunter fans, like Barroth, but there are new foes included.

The little details provide a nice touch when it comes to both flora and fauna included in the region. The army ants around the 3:21 mark are a nice touch, as are the dung beetles seen later in the trailer.

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There are also creatures swimming around in the various pools, and while players are able to go into these, water combat does not make a return. There are vines in some places which can be used to stay out of the water - which implies there may be something lurking the depths the player may wish to avoid.

One of the new monsters shown in the trailer was the Kulu-Ya-Ku. As you will see in some segments, this smart bird wyvern is capable of picking up objects from the environment or even digging up rocks. When in battle, it can use these rocks to shield incoming attacks.

As the player explores, they will encounter monsters in the game which aren't very large and are passive, unless attacked. These are mainly used for meat and materials in which to create armor, much like the larger ones players will be tasked with killing.

Moving on from monsters, the video also showed armor and weapons which players will obviously find rather handy during their excursions and hunting trips.

Arekkz provides more information on everything seen in the trailer, so if you're interested in all things Monster Hunter World, he's the man to tell you all about it.

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Along with the neat new trailer yesterday, Capcom released another video called Hunting 101. It provides the viewer with a tutorial of sorts on battling foes, and how to upgrade gear with the loot earned through kills.

As Arekkz notes above, the video also focuses on general game flow such as how to embark on a quest, along with hunting. That's great and all, but it also provided the first look at the hub town along with the crafting system.

While we were only given a look at a condensed version of the hub town in Monster Hunter World, players will find this is the place to find food, player housing of sorts, shopping, crafting areas and more.

Here is also where players will find their handler to pick up quests. She holds a book which contains important information on mission parameters, and details on the monster which needs to be hunted. After the quest is accepted, players should probably head to their camp to grab any items out of storage which will be needed.

When visiting the hub after a battle, or before depending on personal inventory, players can visit the smithy who will take these materials and either upgrade or forge new gear and armor. Speaking of the latter, a quick look at the weapon trees was also shown.

If you're interested in Monster Hunter World, these new videos and breakdowns provide an excellent look at what to expect when the game releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early 2018.

PC players will be able to get their hands on the title as well at a later date.

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