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This For Honor video takes a look at the various customization and progression features

Those who aren't playing the For Honor beta this weekend should check out the new video Ubisoft released, which touches upon character customization and progression.

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In the video, it shows For Honor players how to customize the 12 heroes in game, each of which have dedicated progression. This allows players to alter the abilities, appearance and gear.

Gear, for instance, can be looted on the battlefield - each with its own stats, rank and appearance. These items can also be obtained when opening scavenger crates.

Upon gaining XP, players will level up their hero which will unlock more feats and customization options. All armor and weapon pieces in the player's inventory can be customized. And of course, each gear and weapon item comes with positive and negative aspects, so choose wisely.

In the heroes menu, players can equip abilities such as feats which are available during modes such as Dominion. There are also executions which can be performed upon landing a heavy attack and two can be equipped at the same time to gamepad buttons.

The Knight class, as seen in the video, can use Hit Strike, Guts Then Chop at the same time. These are assigned to X and Y, for example. The longer they are, the more health the player will gain once performed. Two are available at the start, while others are unlocked using steel.

Emotes, effects, loadouts, ornaments, material, and more are also touched upon in the video.

Again, the For Honor beta is live so if you haven’t downloaded it already, you should get on it quick.

The beta runs through Sunday, or Monday depending on your time zone.

Those who played the closed beta will find there have been a few changes made, and if you need pointers, we’re here to help.

For Honor will be released next week on February 14 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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