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Play Stray, or anything else on PS Plus Premium, for free this week

The world's your oyster, at least for a week.

If you haven't been convinced by the lineup of PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra, then maybe you should consider the free trial that's currently available in the UK.

PlayStation is currently offering a seven day free trial of its revamped Plus service that adds a bit of Game Pass flair into Sony's repertoire. The trial lasts for seven days, but it should be noted that no matter whether you opt for a one month, three month, or 12 month subscription, you will be charged once the trial runs out. So make sure to cancel it if you aren't convinced by the service.

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The best part about the deal is that the very good looking Stray is planned to be available on the service when it launches tomorrow, July 19. That gives you a full week to dig into the charming looking cyberpunk world, which is probably plenty of time to prove that curiosity didn't kill the cat.

Stray obviously isn't the only title available on the service at the moment though. If you're feeling nostalgic, and want to revisit the PS2 days, then Jak 2 is available on the service. These days Naughty Dog is probably better known for Uncharted and The Last of Us, but features editor Dom thinks that Jak 2 is well worth revisiting for its GTA-inspired approach to action adventure platforming.

Alternatively, VG247's very own guides writer Kelsey offers Graveyard Keeper as a game to try out if you're looking for something similar to Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, though with some darker and slightly morbid twists and turns. Instead of digging crops, you dig graves, but there's still NPCs for you to build relationships with, and secrets to discover.

And then there's For Honor, which according to Connor is the most under-appreciated Ubisoft title that also just so happens to be available on PS Plus. While not as much in the spotlight as it used to be, the complex action combat leaves plenty of room for personal expression, and with 30 playable characters there's plenty of unique mechanics to choose from.

All in all, you've got your pick of the litter with this seven day free trial, so it's up to you what you want to start with.

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