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Here's how to download the For Honor open beta so you can hack and slash your way to glory this weekend

The For Honor beta is finally open to everyone. Here's everything you need to know.


The For Honor open beta has kicked off: go ahead and download it immediately so you can get to bludgeoning someone's head in.

Before you dive in, you can check out our beginners tips so you don't end up running around like a headless chicken, find out a bit more about the Faction War metagame so that you decide where your allegiances lie, and of course, make sure that your PC is up to scratch by checking out the minimum and recommended specs. And if you fancy it, you can have a gander at my thoughts on the closed beta that took place a little over a week ago.

All sorted? Then let's get that beta downloading by running through the basics listed over on FAQ.

How to download the For Honor open beta

If you didn't have access to the closed beta just over a week ago, you'll be downloading it from scratch on either PC, PS4, or Xbox One.

PC players can launch Uplay and open their Free Games list to find the open beta listed there. If you're on Steam, look for For Honor in Store and hit the Play Now button to start the download.

Console players can visit their respective Marketplace and PS Store and search for For Honor Beta.

The beta client is just under 19GB so make sure you get the download started well before you want to play; kick it off before you leave for work today so it's waiting for you this evening, maybe.

Downloading the open beta if you already have the closed beta client

If you played the closed beta and didn't delete it, you should get an automatic update to version 1.03 which looks to be a small patch pf 451MB according to one Reddit thread, although a second thread is suggesting that it's 7GB which seems a bit odd considering Ubisoft called it "a small update".

If the update isn't initiating automatically, exit and restart the client to give it a kick up the bum.

What to do if you deleted the closed beta client

If you were in the closed beta but deleted it, there's a slightly different set of steps for you to follow.

Uplay PC players can find the closed beta client in the Library. Download it and then download the patch to convert it into the open beta.

Xbox One players should head to the Ready to Install tab next to the Games App, find the For Honor closed beta there, and download it. If you've hidden the app, hold down the triggers and press X. This will let you view hidden apps.

PS4 players can head to the Library to find the closed beta and download it from there, and then download the patch to convert it into the open beta.

Now you can relax until the weekend, when you can boot up the For Honor beta and start slaughtering your friends and family.

The For Honor open beta kicks off this Thursday February 9 at 6AM PST/ 9AM EST/ 2PM GMT and wraps up on Sunday February 12 at 2PM PST/ 5PM EST/ 10PM GMT.

Did you play the closed alpha or beta? Have any tips for your fellow warriors? Chime in below.

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