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For Honor is getting two new heroes in Year 5, Shovel Knight collaboration announced

Ubisoft is extending For Honor's support for another year.

For Honor is getting a fifth season of content in Year 5: Year of the Covenants. The news comes just as the game turns four, and Year 5 looks to resemble last year in terms of content.

Year of the Covenants is made up of four themed seasons, each with its own Battle Pass as is standard. Two new heroes will be added to the game during Year 4, with the first arriving in Season 2 and the other in Season 4. Ubisoft didn't offer any hints about their identity or playstyles just yet, though it is indeed fairly early in the process for that.

In Year 5, the story picks up where Year 4 left off. The first season kicks off March 11. Outside of the new heroes, you can expect a host of new cosmetics, both part of the Battle Pass and paid in the in-game store.

Ubisoft also unveiled a collaboration with indie darling Shovel Knight. This event, available until March 4, brings three Shovel Knight-themed outfits, the hovel Drop Emote, as well as other various cosmetics like mood effects, symbols etc. Each outfit will run you 15,000 to 20,000 Steel, and the emote is 10,000.

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