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There's more to Doom than just "running and gunning" - dev video

This Doom video is all about demons, guns and speed.

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There's more to Doom than just "running and gunning"

In the video, the game's executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director discuss how there's more to Doom than "just running and gunning."

They also touch upon players being able to customize the single-player portions to ft their playstyle and how each weapon in the game is distinct.

Weapons can be modified to the player's liking, and character upgrades through progression and Runes also allow players to make their lean, mean, killing machine their very own.

The developer video goes on to discuss Glory Kills and the game's challenging arenas.

Doom is out this Friday, May 13 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can look over the PC requirements for the game as well as launch and pre-load timing for your region through the link.

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