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The vikings are coming in For Honor E3 2016 teaser

Oh aye we absolutely remembered this game exists.

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The vikings are coming in For Honor E3 2016 teaser

It looks like Ubisoft might be planning to go big on its quasi-historical multiplayer action effort For Honor at E3 2016.

The publisher released a short teaser for its E3 2016 conference over the weekend, promising "For Honor announcements". It's probably too much to expect that it's decided to put a U in the title, isn't it?

"The Vikings are coming. Get ready for war," Ubisoft said. I think we'll instead get ready for, like, a cinematic trailer, a slab of gameplay, and a release date on PC, PS4 and Xbox One? These things seem more likely.

Announced at E3 2015, For Honor made a showing at TGS 2015 but has been pretty quiet otherwise. We're looking forward to learning more, and Ubi has promised E3 2016 and gamescom 2016 will deliver.

Assassin's Creed is taking a year off so unless Ubisoft has managed to scrounge together another Far Cry it hasn't got a massive traditional triple-A spread for us this year; it's not surprising that this less mainstream effort might get a major marketing push. Then again, Watch Dogs 2 is a hype train all on its own; Ubisoft could probably just send Aisha Tyler on stage with the trailer and then go home for the week, job done.

Keep your eyes locked to us for everything E3 2016 this week.

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