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The Quarry Endings Guide | How to save everyone, or kill them all

Your decisions are all that stands between a Rough Night or a Hackett's Quarry Massacre.

The Quarry is the latest interactive horror game from Supermassive Games, creators of Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology. As the spiritual successor to Until Dawn, The Quarry follows a similar narrative structure: a bunch of teens are left to fend for themselves in a remote, desolate place, while something - or someone - hunts them during the dead of night.

If you're yet to jump into The Quarry, take a look at the trailer here!

It’s good, gruesome fun, too. In my review, I described The Quarry as a charming slasher, because as often as the game is gory, there’s plenty of endearing moments too as you become enthralled in the story and attached to its characters.

That being said, The Quarry has a whopping 186 endings, to make your actions and decisions at Hackett’s Quarry feel all the more impactful. Yet, which endings are the best? While I don’t want to spoil things too much, as the story is often the backbone of these games, here our guide on how to save everyone in The Quarry, or kill them all off.

Mentioning the act of spoiling things, this is your warning that this article does contain story spoilers, but I’ve tried to keep them to a minimum as much as possible. Read ahead carefully!

Events you’ll need to be prepared for in The Quarry

While adventuring around Hackett’s Quarry, attempting to get to the bottom of what’s going on, you’ll need to be prepared for some events throughout the story.

  • Choices - You’ll need to make various choices about which action to complete next. This could be between choose to run or to hide, and more.
  • Dialogue Decisions - You’ll need to make decisions on how to interact with other characters, influencing your relationships with them.
  • Simple QTEs - These simple QTE’s require you to press a button corresponding with the on-screen prompt, in a timely manner.
  • Don’t Breathe - For these exercises, keeping quiet is vital. You will need to hold a button until it is safe again.
  • Button Bursts - These are button mashing events, where you’ll need to tap away at the prompted button shown on screen.
  • Interrupts - You can, occasionally, choose whether to intervene with a conversation or action.
  • Clues and Evidence - When free roaming around Hackett’s Quarry, there are various clues and evidence to discover.
  • Tarot Cards - These are another form of collectable that you'll find throughout your journey, and each one will give you an insight into the future. We explain where to find them all, and what they reveal to you, here.

How to save everyone in The Quarry - Everyone Lives

The good ol’ pacifist run. This is the approach that most players, including myself, will probably want to take, and with good reason. Keeping everyone alive is part of the challenge of The Quarry, and I soon learnt that it really wasn’t that easy trying to keep these adventurous teens safe.

That being said, it’s possible, and is perhaps one of the best and most fruitful endings for the game. Here’s how to keep everyone alive in The Quarry, and if you’re not quite sure of which nine characters you’re going to be focusing on, it’s as follows: Abi, Nick, Emma, Jacob, Ryan, Dylan, Kaitlyn, Max and Laura.

The camp counsellors in The Quarry are rather likeable, so obviously you should keep them alive.


Prologue: Laura and Max
  • Choose the map, rather than the leaflet.
  • Snoop in the car boot.
  • Be compliant towards Max.
  • While exploring the forest, there is one Tarot Card and three Freakshow Fire clues to be found before leaving.
  • After exploring the forest, you’ll need to flee; there are two QTEs that you’ll need to be prepared for during this scene.
  • Be honest, friendly, and compliant with Sheriff Travis Hackett.
  • Be relieved with Max.
  • Take the wrenches. In the bunker, you can find a Bloodied Collar, labelled Ian.
  • Help Max.

Chapter 1

First scene: Jacob
  • Be reflective towards Kaitlyn.
  • As you explore the camp, there is one Tarot Card and two Camp History clues to be found.
  • Be playful, mischievous, and brave with Kaitlyn.
  • Break the fuel line.
  • Complete a Simple QTE to catch the phone.
Next scene: Emma and Abi
  • Break into the cabin with Emma.
  • Keep the teddy that you will find.
  • While exploring the camp again, look out for one Freakshow Fire clue, and two Camp History clues.
  • Be enthusiastic with Emma.
  • While steering the buggy, there is a Simple QTE.
  • Go back to the lodge, or take the scenic route - either are fine.
  • While going back to the lodge by either route, there is another Simple QTE.
  • Interrupt, or don’t - it makes no difference.
Next scene: Ryan
  • Be friendly and supportive of Ryan.
  • Be understanding towards Chris Hackett.
  • Listen to podcast, or eavesdrop - there’s no difference.
  • Be concerned, apologetic, and inquisitive.
  • When Chris is leaving, be compliant, and complete two Simple QTEs.
  • Be insistent towards Dylan, and then be apprehensive, and reluctant.

Chapter 2

First scene: Emma and Jacob
  • Kick the door.
  • In the storage room, you can find one Freakshow Fire clue, and one Camp History clue.
  • It’s up to you what you do with the props, they have no further impact.
  • Call for Jacob.
  • In the next room, there is one Evidence piece to collect.
  • Then, collect the gun (and code, 7739) from the next room.
  • Leave the fireworks behind.
  • Be affectionate towards Jacob.
Next scene: Ryan and Dylan
  • Be friendly and interested towards Ryan.
  • In Chris’ Hackett’s office, there is one Hackett History Clue and one Camp History clue to be found.
  • Interact with the gun.
  • Be serious towards Ryan.
  • Interact with the floor behind Chris Hackett’s desk.
  • Be suspicious towards Ryan.
  • Choose to go through the trapdoor - this is the Camp History clue.
  • Be playful towards Ryan again.
  • Interact with the phone on Chris’ desk, then flirt or be sarcastic with Ryan.
  • Interact with the door beside the gun, and complete one Simple QTE to catch Chris’ keys from Ryan.
  • In the following part of the office, be mischievous towards Ryan, and interact with everything you find.
  • Then, go back to the main office, and interact with the two charging phones beside Ryan.
  • Head to the party.
Next scene: Nick and Abi
  • Take the Shady Glade route. There are two Hackett History clues along this route.
  • Be reassuring towards Abi, then sincere.
  • Prepare for a Simple QTE, and choose to save Abi.
  • Complete the Don’t Breathe event.
  • Be cheerful towards Abi.
Next scene: Kaitlyn

Note that most of the dialogue options in this next scene do not have an impact on the greater story at hand.

  • Take a photo.
  • Be honest with Ryan and Dylan, then playful towards the others.
  • Be stern with Jacob and Nick.
  • Be hopeful towards Jacob.
  • Fire the gun accurately at three watermelons and/or bottles.
  • Be friendly towards Jacob.
Next scene: The whole group at the campfire
  • Interrupt Abi.
  • Pick truth, and then be mischievous.
  • Pick Kaitlyn, and then be mischievous.

Chapter 3

First scene: Abi and Nick
  • Call back at Nick.
  • Be honest with Nick, then cautious.
  • Kiss Nick. No matter which option you choose here, Nick will always be attacked.
  • Help Nick and prepare for a Simple QTE.
  • Run, and there’ll be a Button Burst event.
  • Don’t climb the tree, and complete the Don’t Breathe event. It’s vital that Abi escapes unscathed.
Next scene: Jacob and Emma
  • Check upstairs for towels. There are two Hackett History clues, one Freakshow Fire clue, and one Tarot Card to find here.
  • When you’re finished exploring, return to Emma.
  • Be enthusiastic towards Emma, don’t splash her, and then flirt with her.
  • Choose to help Abi. If, earlier in the game, you chose the rotor arm instead of the fuel line, it’ll be lost forever in this scene; do not dive in for it, and continue to go help Abi.
Next scene: Ryan

If you wish to save Nick in The Quarry, it's vital that Ryan makes it to him in time.

  • Be worried, and then assertive.
  • Take the first shortcut and prepare for three Simple QTE’s followed by a Button Burst event.
  • Take the second shortcut and prepare for five more Simple QTE’s.
  • Shout, then shoot at the hunter, who is later known as Bobby.
Next scene: Jacob
  • Do not call out, and complete the Button Burst event.
  • Be pleading, and do not throw dirt.
Hackett's Quarry is quite picturesque, when counsellors aren't fighting for their lives.

Chapter 4

To save Jacob, make sure Ryan does not shoot the forest surrounding the camp in this scene. Additionally, to save Emma, it's key that you do not open the trapdoot in the Treehouse first, and it's also important to not miss any QTEs when fleeing.

First scene: Ryan and Nick
  • Apply pressure, and complete the Button Burst event.
  • Be dismissive of Dylan.
  • Call out, and then look around and don’t shoot.
  • Be concerned with Jacob, and choose to let go after. A Simple QTE will follow.
Next scene: Emma

In this scene, Emma is alone on the island after Jacob left her to help Abi. There is one Tarot Card, and a piece of Evidence to gather.

There are also two Hackett History collectibles, and if you advance too far in this scene, you’ll miss them entirely. The first is the Police Car Keys by the hut window, these must be interacted with before entering the hut. The second is a Box of Matches along the rightmost path (not up the stairs) - you can collect this clue by interacting with the firepit, before interacting with the ladder up ahead.

  • Collect the Box of Matches clue noted above, then return to where you started.
  • Take the high road, and go up the stairs.
  • Collect the Police Car Keys clue, and enter the hut.
  • Do not open the trap door, and search the bag.
  • Use the taser, and take a photo. One Simple QTE and one Button Burst event will quickly follow.
  • Use the bear spray next, and two more Simple QTE’s follow.
  • Block the door, and then use the trap door. Two Simple QTE and one more Button Burst event will follow.
Next scene: Dylan
  • Be optimistic, hopeful, determined, and then suspicious towards Ryan. Then be calm, and defensive.
  • Give the gun to Kaitlyn.
Next scene: Emma
  • Next, reel in the zipline slowly.
  • Do not speed the process up.

Chapter 5

First scene: Nick and Abi
  • Be grateful towards Abi, don’t speak up, and then be reassuring.
Next scene: Kaitlyn
  • Complete two Simple QTE’s, Don’t Breathe event, and one more Simple QTE.
Next scene: Nick and Abi
  • Be confident, and then intrigued towards Abi.
  • Hide, and prepare for another Don’t Breathe event.
Next scene: Ryan and Dylan
  • In the next area, there are two Tarot Cards, one piece of Evidence, one Camp History clue and one Hackett History clue.
  • Explore, and when you’ve gathered the above items, be confident towards Ryan.
  • Be interested, reassuring, and then apologetic towards Dylan.
  • Don’t shoot.
  • Be aggressive, confident, and calm towards Dylan.
  • Be desperate, and then chainsaw.
  • Be uncertain towards Kaitlyn.

Chapter 6

First scene: Jacob
  • While free roaming, there is a piece of Evidence and one Tarot Card to find.
  • Be delighted and then apologetic towards Emma.
  • There’ll be one Simple QTE, choose to hide, and complete the Don’t Breathe event.
  • Pry open the bear trap.
Next scene: Kaitlyn
  • Be compassionate towards Ryan.
  • Intervene when given the chance, and help Nick.
Next scene: Abi

If you wish to save Abi in The Quarry, it is incredibly important that you shoot Nick in this scene.

  • While free roaming to find something to help Nick, there are two Camp History clues and one Tarot Card to find. When done, interact with the heater in front of Nick.
  • Be calm and compassionate towards Nick.
  • Shoot Nick. If you don’t, Abi will die.
Next scene: Emma
  • Don’t run.
  • Be reassuring towards Abi.
  • Be afraid towards the person at the door, then interested.

Chapter 7

First scene: Laura
  • Don’t call out.
  • Be compliant with Sheriff Travis Hackett, twice in a row.
  • Be intrigued and then pleadwith Travis.
  • Do not lash out.
  • Be concerned and disappointed towards Max.
  • Be compliant with Travis.
  • Be worried about Max.
  • Once you’re free roaming the cell as Laura, interact with the wall to the right, then the left, and then collect the spoon from atop the wall.
  • Be serious, suspicious, encouraging, and then empathetic towards Max.
  • Be calm with Ryan.
  • Be reckless with Max, then determined.
  • Don’t call out for help.
  • Be compassionate with Max.
  • While free roaming the station as Laura, there is one Tarot Card, one piece of Evidence, one Freakshow Fire clue, and one Hackett History clue to find.
  • Collect the syringe from the third room upstairs.
  • After exploring, return to your cell and go to sleep.
  • Be honest and confident with Travis.
  • Don’t take the gun.
  • Be confused, and then encouraging towards Travis.
  • Be resigned and then empathetic towards Max.
  • As the cup falls, complete one Simple QTE.
  • When Travis checks on Laura, there is one Simple QTE you’ll need to complete. If, for whatever reason, you don’t have the syringe, you will instead need to complete two QTE’s here and steal Travis’ gun, but do not shoot Travis).
  • Be anxious with Max.
  • Be honest with the others.
  • Show bite.
Next scene: Jacob
  • Be pleading.
Make those decisions carefully... you could easily kill someone in The Quarry.

Chapter 8

If you want to save Nick, and Ryan didn't help Nick earlier, Laura must not shoot the monster in this scene. If she does, she is killing Nick.

First scene: Laura and Ryan
  • Be uncertain with Laura, then curious.
  • Be suspicious, guarded, compassionate, and friendly towards Laura.
  • Be inquisitive of Ryan, then reflective and compassionate.
  • When going up the stairs, there will be one Simple QTE. In this area, there is also two Tarot Cards, two Hackett History clues, and one piece of Evidence to find.
  • Be inquisitive of Ryan again.
Next scene: Kaitlyn
  • Be honest with Dylan and Abi, then be encouraging.
  • While free roaming, keep an eye out for the two Tarot Cards here, and Hackett History clue.
  • Complete a Simple QTE.
  • Don’t open the cage.
  • Stop Laura.
  • Help Jacob. If you leave Jacob behind, he will die, so this is vital.
  • A puzzle follows that requires you to flip breaker switches in a specific order. Select the breakers labelled ‘1’ and ‘2’, continue, and then select ‘2’ and ‘3’.

Chapter 9

To save Dylan in this chapter, you must not miss the QTEs after warning Kaitlyn at the scrapyard. Similarly, to save Ryan, it is of the upmost importance that Laura did not shoot Travis back in Chapter 7, or else Ryan's fate here is already sealed. The same can be said if you wish to save Laura, if she shot Travis earlier, he will kill her now.

First scene: Dylan and Kaitlyn
  • Be positive and curious.
Next scene: Abi and Emma
  • Be curious twice towards Emma.
Next scene: Laura and Ryan

Our first death, so to speak, occurs next. So, it’s worth noting that killing off the Hackett’s is a key part of the tale, and doesn’t contribute to the ‘Rough Night’ achievement, in which all the camp counsellors survive.

  • While struggling, complete the Button Burst event to shoot Constance Hackett.
  • Complete one Simple QTE. Ryan will get stabbed here, but that’s okay for now.
  • Don’t pull the knife.
Next scene: Ryan
  • While free roaming as Ryan, there is one piece of Evidence and one Tarot Card to find.
  • Interact with the cabinet to the right, this is important for later.
  • Complete one Don’t Breathe event, and a Button Burst event.
Next scene: Laura
  • Hide.
  • Complete one Don’t Breathe event.
  • In the next room, while free roaming, collect a Tarot Card and two more Hackett History clues.
  • Head for the door, and prepare for three Simple QTEs.
  • Attack, and complete the Button Burst event.
Next scene: Ryan
  • Complete two Simple QTEs.
  • Complete the Don’t Breathe event, and use the next interrupt to stab Bobby Hackett.
  • Be sympathetic.
  • Accept - this is vital for Ryan to survive.
  • Don’t pull away.
Next scene: Dylan and Kaitlyn

In the following scene, which takes place in the scrapyard, there is one Tarot Card, one Hackett History clue, and one Freakshow Fire clue to find. Do not advance to the yellow crane, which triggers the next cutscene, until finding these, or else you won’t be able to go back and collect them.

  • Be encouraging of Dylan.
  • Warn Kaitlyn, and complete one Simple QTE.
  • Sound the horn, complete the Button Burst event, another Simple QTE, and one more Button Burst event.
Next scene: Abi
  • In the bunker, there’s one Tarot Card to find while free roaming.
  • Interact with the fuse box to the left of the room, and find the silver shells.
  • Go up the ladder.
Next scene: Laura and Ryan
  • Walk forward. In the next cutscene, Laura will transform. This cannot be prevented, but it will not lead to her death if you continue to tread carefully.
  • Shoot the monster, which is Chris Hackett,
  • Be suspicious.

While speaking with Eliza during the end of the chapter, if you request to see more of the Tarot Card, The Hierophant, there is one Simple QTE to complete during the scene that follows.

The crane in the scrapyard in The Quarry, which Dylan must power.
I've never seen a less appealing scrapyard before... who knows what lurks beyond the crane?

Chapter 10

To save Kaitlyn, make sure you flee from the monsters attacks at the lodge. If you hide, or miss any QTEs, the worst will happen. If you choose to hide and go to the kitchen, this will kill off both Kaitlyn and Dylan no matter your decisions. So, make sure to run!

To save Max, that one camp counsellor we basically see next to nothing of, it's as simple as making sure he doesn't swim to shore at the beginning of this chapter.

First scene: Max
  • Choose to stay. If you swim to shore, Max will die.
Next scene: Kaitlyn
  • In the lodge, there is one Tarot Card, one piece of evidence, three Hackett History clues, and one Camp History clue to collect. After interacting with the Ancestral Portrait, keep searching to discover three further clues.
  • Once collected, go back to the painting and choose to prepare for an attack instead.
  • Run, use the beam, and complete the Button Burst event.
  • Run again, investigate, and shoot. This is Caleb Hackett.
Next scene: Laura and Ryan
  • Be inquisitive of Travis, and prepare for one Simple QTE.
  • Grab the gun and take cover, completing another Simple QTE.
  • Be determined, and give the gun to Ryan.
  • Be probing, and then reflective.
  • Don’t raise the gun at the monster, and purposefully fail the next Simple QTE to ensure that Travis Hackett is killed.
  • Shoot the monster.


During the epilogue, credits roll, and a rather charming recap will begin, listing the fates of all of your characters.

How to kill everyone in The Quarry - Everyone Dies

When it comes to the slaughter of these camp counsellors, there’s a little choice in how you might go about it. You can either ensure that they’re killed, in one way or another, or you can kill some of them and have others infected. The infected camp counsellors will live, but will be destined to live out the rest of their lives as werewolves unless the Hackett's are slain.

There’s ample opportunity to kill your characters off, and this can be as simple as missing every Simple QTE you come across. Sometimes, though, what you think is a dangerous decision, is actually crucial. Below, I’ve listed some key moments for killing characters off.

How to kill Abi in The Quarry

  • Chapter 6: After Nick throws Abi across the poolhouse, Abi can choose to shoot him or not. If she doesn’t shoot, he will kill her.

How to kill Nick in The Quarry

  • Chapter 8: If you choose to let Laura shoot the caged monster where Jacob is captured, the monster she kills will be Nick.

How to kill Jacob in The Quarry

  • Chapter 4: While playing as Ryan at the campfire, you get the choice to shoot into the forest. If you shoot, be insistent, and shoot again, you will kill Jacob.

How to kill Emma in The Quarry

  • Chapter 4: When entering the hut, open the trapdoor first instead of searching the bag, and Emma will be killed by a monster.
Laura and Ryan venture into the basement of the Hackett home in The Quarry.
The atmosphere across The Quarry is impeccable.

How to kill Dylan in The Quarry

  • Chapter 9: At the scrapyard, after warning Kaitlyn, fail the QTEs and Dylan will be mauled to death.
  • Chapter 10: When Kaitlyn finds Dylan in the lodge during the attack, choose to run and you’ll make your way to the kitchen. Complete Kaitlyn’s Don’t Breathe event, and then choose to hide in the freezer. Dylan will be mauled by the monster here, if he didn’t die earlier.

How to kill Ryan in The Quarry

  • Chapter 9: When in the attic, choose to shoot the monster. Now, for this one to work, you need to make sure Laura shot Travis in her prison cell back in Chapter 7. Now, Travis will stab Laura. Choose to be aggressive, and then fail the next Simple QTE, and Travis will shoot Ryan.

How to kill Kaitlyn in The Quarry

  • Chapter 10: While in the lodge and after the monster attacks, choose to wait rather than running. The monster will then kill Kaitlyn.
  • Chapter 10: If during the above, you run, you’ll make your way to the kitchen. Fail the Don’t Breathe event to be killed by the monster. Or, complete it, then choose to go in the freezer. Kaitlyn will die in the freezer.

How to kill Laura in The Quarry

  • Chapter 9: After Ryan shoots the monster in the attic, and provided Laura shot Travis in her cell in Chapter 7, Travis will stab Laura, killing her.

How to kill Max in The Quarry

  • Chapter 10: As long as Ryan shot the monster in the attic during Chapter 9, Max can now be killed off. Choose to swim to shore, and Max will be killed by a monster.

There you have it. That's how to save the camp counsellors of The Quarry and let them live through one heck of a night, and also how to cause a real bloodbath, if that's what you fancy. Good luck, and remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

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