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The Quarry Multiplayer | Wolf Pack and Couch Co-op mode

The Quarry becomes even more unpredictable alongside friends.

The Quarry, spiritual successor to 2015 horror hit Until Dawn, is an absolute blast. It lives up to the legacy its predecessor left behind and offers players and '80s infused gore fest with a surprising amount of replayability. A lot of this replayability is helped along with multiplayer, especially the later introduced online Wolf Pack mode.

To play multiplayer with friends, there are a few ways in which you and your pals can go about it. First, there's local couch co-op, then there's online wolf pack mode. We've explained how these work below!.

These summer lovin' teens are in for an awry surprise.

The Quarry Local Multiplayer - Couch Co-op

During The Quarry's local multiplayer mode, Couch Co-op, you will only need a single system, game and controller to play the game on. This mode works by assigning friends the roles of different characters and passing the controller around when it's each players turn.

This is, by far, the cheapest and cosiest of experiences. Everyone gets ultimate control of the character they're playing, and you all get to bundle up together on the couch while doing so. It's a bonding experience, that's for sure.

The Quarry Online Multiplayer - Wolf Pack

The Quarry's online multiplayer mode, Wolf Pack, was not available at launch. However, the mode became available following a huge update on July 7, 2022.

For some of us, trying to gather our friends into one room to play through 10 hours of The Quarry is no easy feat. In this instance, online multiplayer is the way to go. For Wolf Pack to go ahead without any issues, you need to ensure that your friends are all playing on the same family and generation of console, or on PC. Additionally, each player must have a copy of the game.

If you're not sure whether or not you can play alongside your friends, here's out guide to cross-platform play and cross-progression in The Quarry.

Wolf Pack functions a little differently to Couch Co-op. In this instance, the host can invite up to seven additional players to join them, but they do not take on the roles of individual characters. Instead, the host will complete most of The Quarry's gameplay, but the audience gets to vote on every key decision. The decision with the highest amount of votes will be the winner, and that is what'll unfold.

This is interesting, to say the least, and will undoubtedly lead to some very unpredictable and surprising runs of The Quarry. I personally can't wait to see what chaos is caused by it!

That's it for multiplayer in The Quarry! For more, check out our guide to The Quarry's best endings if you wish to keep the group alive or kill them all off. We also delved into all Tarot Card locations and visions too, if you fancy collecting them all.

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The Quarry

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