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The original Splinter Cell is now free on PC

Ubisoft is giving away Splinter Cell 1, free for anyone with a Uplay account.


As part of Ubisoft's celebrations of its 30th anniversary, the publisher promised to make a game from its back catalogue free for an entire month, for seven months.

The first game to be part of this promo was 2003's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. That's gone now, and the original Splinter Cell has replaced it.

This offer is only valid on PC, and you'll need to have a Ubisoft account. If you own any Ubisoft game from the past five or so years, you should already have one - even if you bought them through Steam.

Just head over the Ubi30 page, tick the box and click 'Get the Game Now'. Afterwards, it will ask you to log in using your Uplay account. Once that's done, you'll find it under My Games if you have Uplay installed.

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