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The gold weapon skins in Battlefield 1 look rather flashy

Because everyone likes bit of flash once in a while.


While playing Battlefield 1, players will earn weapon skins through Battlepack drops in the game. Some of these will contain rare skins, such as the flashy gold ones you noticed in the video Westie posted earlier this week.

But how do the World War 1 weapons look when a bit of gold has been added? Thanks to reddit user tr1ggermortis, you can find out for yourself.

The gold "camo" skin is supposedly one of the rarest drops in the game, but if you are super keen on acquiring one, the new Battlepacks system should ensure you are able to go gold.

According to DICE, Battlepacks will contain skins from one of three different rarities: Special, Distinguished, and Legendary. There are three types of boxes in the game, standard, Enhanced and Superior.

In order to land one of the latter two, players will need to spend in-game currency called Scraps which are earned when a skin or item dropped in a standard Battelpack are dismantled. Players can then spend these Scraps on the modified versions of the Battlepacks which will guarantee a weapon skin of a specific rarity level.

Since the content of the packs will be rotated, if a gold skin is wanted by the player, but not listed when looking in Battlepacks contents, they can sit back and wait until the one they really want is included.

If you head over Imgur, you can get a look at 12 weapons featuring the snazzy skin.

Battlefield 1 will be released worldwide on October 21 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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