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Tarisland codes for July 2024

How to redeem Tarisland codes.

Artwork for Tarisland, showing a selection of the game's fantasy characters, including a sorcerer, a knight and a lion-like creature.
Image credit: Level Infinite
15th July 2024: We added new Tarisland codes.

Tarisland is a mobile and PC game that’s reminiscent of classic MMORPGs like World of Warcraft. In this game, you’ll select a class, explore a massive world, and take on dungeons and raids while growing your character.

Like any MMORPG, there’s a lot to do in Tarisland, and it can often be tricky to stay stocked up on important resources like Silver Coins and Potions. Luckily, you can use Tarisland codes to grab some free Potions, Silver Coins, and even a free Mount and Pet.

The game’s developers usually post these codes in the game’s Discord server and occasionally elsewhere online, but we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up every current and expired Tarisland code right here.

All working Tarisland codes

  • Liquidwon: Rewards (NEW!)
  • TARISLAND: Unicorn Mount, Great Taste Title, Prosperity Seeker Pet, Game Pack
  • TARIS2024: 1 Crit. Potion, 2,000 Silver Coins, 10 MP Potions
  • PlayTarisland: 20 HP Potions, 2,000 Silver Coins
  • MMO2024: 2,000 Silver Coins, 1 Attack Potion, 10 Lv. 30 Healing Potions

All expired Tarisland codes

Tarisland doesn’t currently have any expired codes. If any of the above codes do expire, we’ll be sure to add them to this list!

How do I redeem codes in Tarisland?

Not sure how to redeem codes in Tarisland? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Launch Tarisland.
  2. Complete the game’s tutorial.
  3. Click the menu button on the right side of your screen.
  4. A screenshot from Tarisland showing the game's menu button.
    Image credit: Level Infinite
  5. Click the settings button in the bottom of the menu that pops up to the right of your screen.
  6. A screenshot from Tarisland showing the game's settings button.
    Image credit: Level Infinite
  7. Click “Redeem Gift Pack.”
  8. A screenshot from Tarisland showing the game's codes button.
    Image credit: Level Infinite
  9. Enter your code in the field that pops up (the other three fields should autofill) and hit “Redeem Now.”
  10. A screenshot from Tarisland showing the game's codes page.
    Image credit: Level Infinite

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