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Swingers rejoice! Spider-Man 2 gives you more control than ever over your web-slinging traversal

While there are options to make the game easier, there are options to make it harder too.

Those of you that want to be able to exercise complete control over your web-swinging will be happy to hear Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has some features that let you do just that.

It's pretty obvious that one of the main appeals of a Spider-Man game is the web-swinging, because what other game lets you catapult across New York like that? When it comes to web-swinging, some might like it to be fairly automatic so you can feel like Spider-Man without having to put in all that much effort. Others might want to make things more difficult, to really lean into how difficult web-swinging likely is - good thing that there's a dedicated Swing Assist option that lets you decide how much control you have over it.

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In response to a user on Twitter about Swing Steering Assist, community director at Insomniac James Stevenson noted that the setting isn't an accessibility setting, but "the opposite of that." He noted "there are 10 levels of Swing Assistance on that slider. The game starts at the default (from the previous games!) is Level 10. So it’s a feature we let players turn down to get /less/ [sic] assistance if they want." According to Insomniac's page on accessibility features (which does technically go against what Stevenson said), those "higher values allow for easier web-swinging while lower values reduce the amount of resistance and cause physics to have a greater effect on web-lines while swinging."

Interestingly, it was recently revealed that in a change from the previous two Spider-Man games, the upcoming sequel will have fall damage, meaning you can't just fall from as high up as you like without consequence. This is something you can turn off, but it certainly adds an extra layer of risk if you want to make web-swinging harder for yourself.

Insomniac shared some details about the new accessibility features in Spider-Man 2 last week, as well as some features that will be coming post launch.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is out October 20, for PS5.

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