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Sony has released its first PS5 bundle, and it comes with Horizon Forbidden West

It's only available in the UK at the moment it seems.

Sony has released its first PlayStation 5 Bundle, and it comes with a copy of Horizon Forbidden West.

Currently only available in the UK (thanks, IGN), you can pick the bundle up at various retailers such as Argos, ShopTo, and Smyths.

It appears all of the stores linked above are sold out of the bundle, but keep checking back. Once available again, it will run you £499.99.

While the bundle doesn't appear to be available in the US, it is only a matter of time, so keep an eye out for it.

If you plan on eventually picking one up, and you want to get ahead of the curve, check out some of our Horzion Forbidden West guides.

We give you information on the best weapons, where to find signal towers, there's also a list of machine weaknesses, and we tell you how to fast travel for free.

Of course, before anything else, you should read about the 15 things we wish we'd known before playing Horizon Forbidden West. Think of it as a beginner's guide to getting started.

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