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Skyrim co-op mod, Together Reborn, is releasing this week

The much-anticipated mod will release on Friday, 8 July.

You may already be familiar with a co-op mod for Skyrim, known as Skyrim Together. The mod has been a long work in progress, experiencing various setbacks before essentially starting all over again in 2019. Now, the modders have revealed that Skyrim Together Reborn is ready, but a beta won't be rolling out...

Instead, a full release of the co-op Skyrim mod is scheduled for release on Friday, 8 July, at 5PM BST / 11AM CT / 9AM PT.

Catch a glimpse of Skyrim Together Reborn and how multiplayer will work in this video!

Team Together's latest video, embedded above, shows off quest sync between multiple players. While the host of the party will be the one interacting with NPCs and listening to their woes, the quest itself and all progression made will sync across the party. Additionally, if you feel that way inclined, PvP will also be possible in the mod with a simple switch of settings.

As for the old Skyrim Together mod, all online support, including the download and the wiki, have since been taken down while the team prepares to launch the new Together Reborn mod.

It is also worth noting, before you get too excited, that this new mod only supports version particular editions of Skyrim; if you're playing Special Edition 1.6 or the Game Pass version, you're in the all clear and the mod will work (excluding any bugs and mishaps that can be a given when using mods). It also won't support Skyrim in VR, and as fun as that would be, I'm glad. I don't know how I'd feel about four different players sitting on the same chair as me in VR; claustrophobic, perhaps?

In their announcement post on Reddit, The Together Team reminded players to have a little patience with them and the mod. They shared that "Making multiplayer games is very hard. Making a singleplayer game into a multiplayer game without source code is near impossible, especially with a development team that consists of a handful of students doing this for free in their free time."

"Please keep that in mind when playing Reborn. The mod won't be perfect. It will occasionally crash, some quests will break, there will be bugs. This is not fixable. This is just the reality of making a multiplayer mod instead of having a massive studio like Bethesda make a multiplayer game." So, bear in mind that Together Reborn will have its issues here and there, but it promises to be good, multiplayer fun regardless.

You can check out Skyrim Together Reborn via the wiki page, with the mod itself becoming available via Nexus on Friday. In the meantime, why not try this Elden Ring-style Skyrim mod that adds a small dose of multiplayer to the title?

The Together Team has also shared that they have plans to support Fallout 4 in future, too. So, if Skyrim isn't your thing but trying multiplayer in a Bethesda game is, keep your eyes peeled for this keen group of modders!

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