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Skyrim gets an Elden Ring-style mod that lets players write 'try finger but hole' to other players

The mod adds a small dose of multiplayer to a mostly solo game.

If you ever find yourself playing Skyrim and think that you wish you could talk to other players through obscure messages like in Elden Ring, you're in luck; there's a mod for that now.

Players messages across the Dark Souls series, and now Elden Ring, are definitely an odd way to go about multiplayer. But they also provide a sense of community in a way that a lot of other games don't. Now, thanks to the Skyrim Building Bridges mod, you can share messages in the game that's just about on every platform under the sun (thanks PCGamesN).

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"This plugin allows players to interact with each other by leaving messages in gameworld," reads the description of the mod. "These messages will appear in the playthrough of other players and you also will see what they wrote." The description goes on to explain that messages can be left in any interior or exterior cell from any mod, which apparently means it can also be done in the official DLC, or any of the mods found on Nexus or anywhere else.

Unlike a Souls game, you are able to write any kind of message you like as opposed to giving people a limited wordpool. While this might remove some of the mystique that comes from messages you'd find in the Lands Between, it does mean players can offer one another a bit more help than usual. There's a rating system too, and players are able to manage their messages at any time. It's also possible to report messages too, in case a message breaks a Building Bridges rule, one of which is very sensibly 'no hate speech.'

Modder TommInfinite even presented a little showcase of what the mod looks like in action, showing players how their messages show up as a little note in the overworld. It's a very cute addition to Skyrim, and one that makes the journey feel a bit less lonely.

It's also something to mess around with while the likely very long wait for The Elder Scrolls 6 continues, though mods for Skyrim in general beg the question of whether Bethesda can even live up to what fans have already accomplished.

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