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Sifu lets you become the student or the master with new difficulty options update

The difficult brawler gets two new difficulty options tomorrow, May 3.

Image credit: Sloclap, Kepler Interactive

Sifu is getting some new difficulty settings this week, and developer Sloclap has shown them off in a new video.

One of the main selling points of Sifu was that it's a tough game, but for some it might just be a bit too hard, and for others it might not be hard enough. Now, in a free update, Sloclap is adding two new difficulty options to the game that either chills things out or ups the ante depending on what it is you're after. The update launches tomorrow (May 3), and adds in the Student and Master difficulty settings, which have been detailed in a new video.

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If you want to play the game as it was when it launched, then you can stick with the Disciple setting, which when translated to other video game difficulty settings, is basically just normal mode. Which means that Student is easy mode, and Master is hard mode.

Student mode offers a few ways to make things easier for players. For one, enemy AI will be less aggressive, meaning you're less likely to be overwhelmed by a huge crowd. Enemies are weaker too, meaning they'll take less hits to take down. And the aging mechanic has been made more forgiving too. In the base game, the number of years you age is reflected in the number of times you experienced a game over. But it looks like you only age by a single year each time in Student mode.

If you fancy adding a bit more of a challenge, the Master mode can do that for you. Where Student mode makes AI less aggressive, Master mode does the opposite, making them more so, meaning a big group is a lot more intimidating. And bosses have new patterns, so if you put a lot of time into learning them in the Disciple mode, you'll have some work to do.

Sifu seems to have done pretty well for itself since it launched, amassing one million copies sold within the space of about a month.

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