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Sifu's first major content update now available with new difficulty settings

A year’s worth of free content updates is in the works.

Image credit: Sloclap, Kepler Interactive

Sifu, the Kung Fu hit from developer and publisher Sloclap, has received its first content update on PC and PS5 alongside its retail release.

The Sifu Spring 2022 content contains new features ranging from difficulty settings, and an advanced training mode allowing players to train against any opponent, ncluding bosses. It also includes a new outfit feature for the main character, and quality of life updates and changes for the UI and controls.

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You can now choose your difficulty setting in Sifu, including the option to make the game more challenging. There are three setting: Student, Disciple and Master. These will determine the weakness of opponents, AI response, and how slowly or quickly your character will age in the game.

There are also two new unlockable outfits with more planned for future updates. Owners of the Deluxe Edition have been handed one additional outfit selection.

Dark mode for in-game menus, better mouse and keyboard support, audio updates and improved HUD readability are just some of the additional enhancements added with today’s update.

Released in February, Sifu sold more than one million copies during its first three weeks of launch. Sloclap confirmed last week it is already "well underway" developing a year’s worth of free content updates for the game.

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