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Shenmue 3 is not coming to E3, but you can take a look at this new character

You can look forward to more regular Shenmue 3 development updates, but E3 2017 is out of the question.

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In the latest development report from Shenmue 3 developer Ys Net, the studio revealed that the game won't be at E3 2017.

The team will be busy working on the game throughout June, which leaves little time to prepare for trade shows, according to update. The post doesn't explicitly rule out other shows such as gamescom, but it does mention a focus on monthly updates instead of big news drops at shows like E3.

In the development update, Ys Net also revealed a new character. The burly person in question, seen in the video above (via AGD). "Who’s this new face...?" the video asks.

E3 2017 takes place June 13-16 in Los Angeles.

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