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Rumour: Rainbow Six remake detailed

Kotaku is claiming an insider source on the heavily-rumoured Rainbow Six remake, spilling details left, right and centre.

Industry weathervanes have been blowing due Rainbow Six for some time now, but Kotaku's claiming firmer intel.

According to the site's sources, Rainbow Six is said to echo the franchise's roots, eschewing the popular but unoriginal gameplay of follow up Rainbow Six: Vegas, with a focus on tactics and stealth over weaponry and squad use.

A cover system, switching between first- and third-person perspective, will be introduced, and an icon-heavy display tracks team mates and other useful information, presumably objectives and interactive objects.

The game's plot will be a driving force in the game, with a far more ambitious storyline than in previous Rainbow Six titles. It's said to focus foiling the plots of a US-based terrorist group, motivated by hatred of the financial sector, which has targeted New York.

Ubisoft's announced E3 lineup is missing several expected action announces - so tune in on June 6 for a number of surprises, hem hem.

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