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RUMOR: Informant says Kotick not allowed to see Battlefield 3 at E3

Update: OneofSwords, a.k.a. Activision's social media guy Dan Amrich, has said the story is a load of bullocks. Like we figured.

Original: A "senior informant" close to CVG has told the site that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick was denied access to a hand-on demo of Battlefield 3 at E3 this week.

According to the source, Kotick's personal assistant went to the Battlefield 3 demoing area on Wednesday morning where it is being shown behind closed doors, and asked the EA representatives if Kotick could get a few moments with the game.

According to the source, an EA representative went inside the booth doors, and upon returning to the show floor a few minutes later, the representative told the assistant that senior management said obliging such a request "would not be possible."

The source, who was apparently a witness to all that happened while standing in the queue to get into the demo, saw Koticks PA put up a "small conversational fight" before she walked away looking a but perturbed.

Upon her departure, CVG's source asked the EA rep at the door is what he had just seen was indeed fact, and all was corroborated.

Interesting to say the least - if accurate. And if true - not very surprising.

Battlefield 3 is due in October, while Modern Warfare 3 is expected in November, both on all three major platforms.

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