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RoboCop: Rogue City - Who killed Casey Carmel quest guide

Here, RoboCop takes on a murder case no one else is willing to solve.

The Old Detroit gas station RoboCop tracks Casey Carmel to in RoboCop: Rogue City
Image credit: Teyon/VG247

In the Downtown area of RoboCop: Rogue City, North of the Detroit Riverwalk you run into two beat cops investigating the murder of Casey Carmel. The case has been closed due to lack of funding, but RoboCop can take matters into his own hands to find the killer.

RoboCop: Rogue City Who killed Casey Carmel quest guide

Agree to look into the case and grill your fellow cops for information. Then survey the crime scene.

RoboCop analysing Casey Carmel in RoboCop: Rogue City
Image credit: Teyon/VG247

Investigate Casey’s body by scanning her, then focus on her foot, the oil on her arm and the blow to her head.

Next look at the rest of the potential evidence. The only piece to consider are the tyre marks which indicate the vehicle had a custom extended wheel base.

Now speak to the witness. He’s a fruit loop that thinks aliens did it, but can point you towards a film set down in the south of the area which uses a vehicle matching the description you found. He also mentions that the perp was glowing like a little green man, which could prove useful later.

Head down River Street to Judgement Parking at the bottom of Downtown. Approach the guard and you will be allowed inside. Speak to the set manager and she’s determined that the star of her commercial, Jerry Jenkins is to blame.

She gives you access to the set and tells you to search the nearby computer for anything incriminating.

RoboCop scanning suspicious sunblock in RoboCop: Rogue City
Image credit: Teyon/VG247

Take a look around and you will find three vital clues: nearby tyre tracks match the vehicle you’re searching for, the sunblock matches the marks on Casey’s arm, and the lead actor fits the description of the perpetrator given by the witness.

From the messages on the computer, you can see that Jerry’s agent told the crew to arrange an escort for him, which could well have been Casey. Question Jerry about it though and he will play it off as a set up.

He tells you to ask the set manager about his understudy, who was apparently a shady character and is nowhere to be seen. If he was a lookalike for Jerry, he’d certainly fit the witness’s description too…

Speak to the set manager again and inquire about the understudy. She reveals that Jenkins’ contract barred him from wearing the potentially toxic sunblock and that he was the one who put the understudy forward for the job.

If that’s true, the evidence now points away from Jenkis and towards this understudy. You need to find him, so review the security footage. On the tape, you hear the understudy not only offer “special services” but mention Casey by name.

Return to Jerry to get him to spill the beans. He tells you that his understudy is working a side gig at a gas station, Hell, on the eastern side of downtown. Head over there and you see sunblock-covered handprints marking the door. This gives you probable cause to breach the building and arrest whoever is inside.

Bust in and talk to the understudy. He pleads innocence of the murder, but admits to dumping Casey’s body. He tells you he arranged the meeting of Jerry and Casey and to investigate the back room for a motive.

Open the door then scan the sunglasses, hammer and bloodstain on the mattress. They match the blood in the alleyway, Casey’s head wound and Jenkins’ preferred brand of shades.

A hidden room behind a shelving unit in RoboCop: Rogue City
Image credit: Teyon/VG247

Before you leave, look at the wall on your right. There’s a camera lens hidden in the wall, which indicates a secret room inside the garage. Go back out to where the van is and make a way through the shelving.

Inside the camera, you find the brutal evidence you need to convict Jerry Jenkins. Make your way back over to the film set, taking the understudy into custody on the way for his part in concealing the crime, and finally make the arrest!

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