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How to interrogate Soot in Robocop: Rogue City

RoboCop has the leader of the Torch Heads cornered, here's how to make him squeal!

RoboCop throwing a guitar at Soot in RoboCop: Rogue City
Image credit: Teyon/VG247

After exhausting all of his leads in the Downtown area of RoboCop: Rogue City, RoboCop has tracked the dangerous Torch Heads leader, Soot, to an abandoned slaughterhouse where his punk band are playing a secret, illegal show.

Seeking to arrest Soot for his raid on the news building at the start of the game, and to hopefully glean some valuable information about the New Guy in Town, RoboCop quickly puts a stop to the concert and chases Soot through the building.

When he finally catches up to him, it's time to lean on him until he squeals - but it's not immediately clear what you need to do in-game.

Here's how to interrogate Soot to learn what he knows in RoboCop: Rogue City.

How to interrogate Soot

With Soot alone and vulnerable in the back room, RoboCop now needs to pump him for information.

There are a few things to get him to talk, since the extreme violence you've used up to this point would run counter to your overarching goal.

First, you can either grab or shoot the collection of guitars spread around the room. Soot is still a musician as well as a gangster, so smashing up his instruments with cause his heart rate to raise.

Next, there's a note in the back corner of the room you can read to learn Soot's birthday, which you can then use to open the safe in the back room and take the contents inside.

Finally, you can shoot up the speakers placed around the room in the same way as the guitars. Destroying more of his precious equipment, as well as causing intimidating explosions, will eventually get Soot to reveal at least some of what he knows.

With that section completed, sling Soot over your shoulder and make your way out of the building back to station, where you can lock Soot up where he belongs!

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