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Rise of the Tomb Raider technical breakdown explains why it looks so spectacular

This technical analysis of Rise of the Tomb Raider confirms our suspicions that the game will be stunning.

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We've had a few sneaky peeks at Rise of the Tomb Raider since the E3 announcement, including a look at some gameplay and I'm sure we're all getting more hyped with each new detail that surfaces.

NX Gamer breaks down what we've seen already and hits us with the technical improvements from the Definitive Edition. Expect sumptuous beards and more realistic skin textures, courtesy of TressFX and the mova capture system. Even the snow is ridiculously awesome.

In layman's terms, Rise of the Tomb Raider looks bloody brilliant. It's set for release on November 10 for Xbox One with the PS4 date to be confirmed - although rumours suggest it might be in Q4 2016.

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