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Resident Evil 4 hits PS4, Xbox One at the end of next month

Arguably the best Resident Evil gets a re-release release date.

resident evil 4 ps4 xbox one

Resident Evil 4 now has a release date on PS4 and Xbox One: August 30.

The lauded classic, which is frequently highlighted as the peak of the core series, first released in 2005 on GameCube and 2005. It was a turning point for Resident Evil, the release where things began to shift in a more action-friendly direction - for good or ill.

This new version of Resident Evil 4 contains all the bonus content from the original game as well as add-ons from subsequent re-releases - so you can enjoy Ada Wong's side story, Mercenaries Mode, and all those whacky New Game Plus options.

Resident Evil 4 is the third of three planned current-gen re-releases; along with Umbrella Corps, this seems to be Capcom's "full-scale offensive" on Resident Evil fans for 2016.

Next year things heat up, though. Resident Evil 7 launches January 2017 for PS4 and PlayStation VR. Have you tried the Resident Evil 7 demo yet? There's plenty of reason to believe there's something mysterious going on there.

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