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Report: EA draws flak over misleading Battlefield Premium AU pricing

Controversy seems to follow Electronics Arts where ever they go, the most recent one involves the pricing of Battlefield 3 Premium in Austratia.

The publisher had advertised the service as costing $49.99 AU, but it failed to mention that the price was only applicable to the PC version of the game. PS3 users were charged $79.95 AU, while 360 users had to cough out 4000 MSP ($66 AU), and were also required to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

This created mass displeasure among those who bought the console version of the service, forcing EA to reduce the price of the PSN version to $64.95, and refund $14.95 to the PlayStation Wallet of those who had already bought the plan.

Xbox 360 gamers were left stranded, and are still complaining about the unfair pricing. Battlefield Premium is still being advertised as 49.99 AU, although it only represents the PC version of the game. This has resulted in many angry emails being sent to EA by users. The publisher is yet to release a statement regarding the same.

Battlefield 3 Premium includes all five expansion packs for Battlefield 3 (at a 33% discount) and gives you early access to the content, exclusive in-game items, and much more.

Via, SI.

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