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Remnant 2's next patch will make it run on potatoes

The next Remnant 2 patch is going to be a big one, especially if your PC struggles to run the game.

Remnant 2
Image credit: Gunfire Games

Though it may have been overshadowed somewhat by major releases like Baldur's Gate 3 , and more recently Starfield, there's no doubt Remnant 2 remains one of the year's best games.

Developer Gunfire Games has been quietly updating the game since its release, changing co-op scaling, making it easier to unlock Archtypes, improving performance, and continuing to add quality of life tweaks to the loot shooter.

The next update, which is expected to release this week, will continue the trend. Remnant 2 principal designer, Ben Cureton, shared on Twitter a big list of changes arriving with the upcoming patch. While the full set of patch notes has not been revealed, this is already looking like one of the game's biggest.

The headline change here comes in the form of a 'potato mode', which is a light-hearted way to refer to ultra-low spec PCs. Remnant 2 is notorious for how demanding it can be to run on all types of hardware, with Gunfire publicly stating that the game was developed with upscaling in mind.

While upscaling certainly can offer better performance, it won't do much if your PC simply isn't powerful enough to benefit from it. It's not clear what the so called potato mode is going to do exactly, though hopefully those details will be unveiled soon. On the subject of performance, the subtle hitch that occurs on item pickup in co-op has been fixed.

The patch is also bringing with it a number of quality of life features, including some basic ones like the ability to toggle aim, hold sprint, and change the button icons to PlayStation. If you're deep in the game, you'll be happy to know that you'll soon be able to deconstruct weapons and get the materials invested back.

Another welcome addition is the ability to earn XP from enemies your minions/summons/turrets finished off. Outside of that, the patch promises an assortment of item, enemy, Trinket, weapon, and consumable fixes.

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