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Remnant 2 debuff turns you into a vampire that feeds on their teammates

Remnant 2 is the personification of witnessing something horrific, and unexpected - only for it to turn out to actually be good.

Remnant 2 has been out for just four weeks, and players have been doing exactly what developer Gunfire Games wanted them to do: discover all the different world permutations, hidden classes, unique Traits - and even that one class that can only be unlocked by datamining.

And the revelations keep on coming, as we're clearly nowhere near done. Remnant 2 is an old-school game that doesn't explain too much of itself, leaving players to their own devices and trusting them to figure things out on their own.

That sense of discovery is bolstered by the game's randomised nature, making every visit to the same world unique. Even apart from the items, gear, weapons, and unique bosses that you could run into on every different variation, there are also unique events that you may not come across even after revisiting the same world multiple times.

This particular event is aptly named The Feast, and it has a chance to occur in Losomn's Great Hall. Taking part in the event requires catching a debuff, called Ravenous, which constantly eats away at your health while you fight off waves of enemies.

All of that sounds pretty standard so far, but what Reddit user kefefs_v2 did not count on was what happened when they tried to revive their fallen teammates. It turns out, if you revive someone while afflicted with Ravenous, you... devour them instead.

Note to self: don't try to revive teammates while you're ravenous
by u/kefefs_v2 in remnantgame

It's more dramatic than you might imagine, too. Kefefs_v2 found their character going at their co-op buddies' throats, vampire-style, killing them outright - which is shocking in itself. But the game makes things better by unlocking the hidden Trait, Glutton, for doing that. Glutton speeds up Relic usage time by 30%.

Remnant 2 has been an unexpected hit, selling over 1 million copies in a week, and attracting more than double the number of concurrent players of the original game.

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