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Remnant 2 gets major patch aimed at improving stability, performance, and quality of life

Enjoy some increased Scrap gains too.

Remnant 2
Image credit: Gunfire Games

Gunfire Games has released the first major patch for Remnant 2, the studio's action RPG shooter.

Since the game was released, Gunfire has focused on improving the player experience. It has made an initial pass on stability and performance on all platforms while also focusing on progression blockers bugs, and addressing some quality-of-life requests.

Here's a detailed gameplay overview of Remnant 2.Watch on YouTube

This is the first major update, and the studio plans to continue fixing issues and adding QoL features.

Some of the main issues addressed include improvements to overall performance, improvements to hitching and potential crashes, and multiple reported crash bugs were squashed. Also, high-detail shadows have been moved to a separate option, and can be enabled in the options on PC.

Where quality-of-life improvements are concerned, Gunfire says it has quite a few things it is working on regarding Traits and long-term grinding. A few changes were included in this patch to ensure players had more freedom to experiment.

Larger QoL changes are coming, and this first patch is just the start.

Two of the changes with this patch are the ability to respec easier and acquire more Scrap overall. Other QoL changes include an increased Trait Cap by+5, the Tome of Knowledge now grants Scrap and EXP when the Trait Cap is reached, the Orb of Undoing now has unlimited uses, the Trait Requirement for equipping a second Archetype was removed, and the patch has removed the Scrap Cost for converting a Mysterious Item into an Engram.

Passes were also made to the game's balance, weapons, enemies, multiplayer, progression, and rewards, and plenty of bug fixes were applied.

You can look over the full patch notes through the link.

Released on July 25, the game quickly became Steam's second-best selling game, and its all-time concurrent figure sits at 110,856 which is much higher than the 48,289 concurrent players its predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes, peaked at.

Within its first week, Remnant 2 sold over one million units across PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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