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Remnant 2 strangely doesn’t have cross-play, but the co-op game may get it one day

Why does Remnant 2 not support cross-play? The answer may be more complicated than you think, but there's good news, at least.

Remnant 2
Image credit: Gunfire Games

Remnant 2 is already one of this year's most discussed games. It's been a solid hit for developer Gunfire Games, and publisher Gearbox Publishing - exceeding their expectations. Remnant 2, like its predecessor, thrives on co-op and replayability.

So it's a little weird that it does not support cross-play, but we don't have to lose hope. Gunfire Games is aware of the desire for cross-network support. In a recent Reddit AMA, game director David Adams answered a question about the potential for cross-play.

"Yes, we are looking at [cross-play]," Adams revealed. "There are issues with the different platforms and what they require in order to allow cross-play, but it is being actively worked on."

While it's good to see Gunfire acknowledge the need for cross-play, it's a little bizarre that the feature isn't available at launch, or confirmed outright. Remnant: From the Ashes supported a form of cross-play between the different PC launchers, and later Xbox when it came to Game Pass, so it's not clear why Gunfire couldn't offer something similar - at least - for the sequel.

Nevertheless, we do hope that the feature arrives soon, at least while the game is on the minds of everyone, before bigger hits start arriving later into the year.

If Gunfire's support for the first game is anything to go by, however, Remant 2 is bound to receive updates for a long while yet. Just recently, Gunfire put out a big Remnant 2 patch that targets crashes, performance issues, progression blockers, and makes several key changes to gameplay in an effort to encourage experimentation.

And, did you know that among the many classes in Remnant 2 (most of which are hidden), one in particular can only be uncovered through datamining? Gunfire hid it that way intentionally, too, knowing that players would be digging through the game's code regardless.

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