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Remnant 2 just got a whole lot easier in solo and co-op

The latest Remnant 2 patch is all about making you (and your friends) survive longer.

Remnant 2
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There's a new Remnant 2 patch, which rolled out overnight, and it's one that should make pretty much all players happy. Apart from the list of bug fixes (including progression blockers), and another set of performance optimisations, the main point of the update is to balance difficulty.

More specifically, the amount of damage players have been receiving, both while playing solo as well as co-op with others.

As with most games that can be played with others, Remnant 2 applies damage scaling depending on the number of players in a party, in order to maintain a certain level of challenge. Previously, each player would add 15% to the scaling, but that's now been reduced to 10%. In a party of three, all players will now be taking 10% less damage.

Another major change that should help with player survivability comes to armour damage reduction. Light Armor now reduces damage by 25%, up from 15%. Medium Armor goes up to 30%, from 25%. Ultra Heavy Armor gets a small boost from 45% to 50%.

Invincibility frames have also been extended, by two frames for Light, and one frame for Medium and Ultra Heavy. The stamina costs for dodges remain unchanged, however. All of these armour changes apply to both solo and co-op play.

Players who like to play with friends have yet more to look forward to. The standard revive now has a slightly longer invulnerability window, which should give players who just got revived a moment to be able to get out of danger.

Remnant 2 shares XP gain in co-op, but the distance was previously limited to 40m. After the patch, players at any distance apart will earn XP, including dead players.

The full change log for this patch can be read on Gunfire's official blog.

Remnant 2 has been a big hit for Gunfire, and Gearbox Publishing, with concurrent player numbers at launch more than double the original game. The developer has been releasing updates regularly, and it's currently looking into adding cross-play.

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