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Remedy "too small" to develop Alan Wake for PC

Alan Wake 5

Remedy's stated the reason why it's not doing a PC version for Alan Wake is down to the fact it's "too small".

"We're a small studio, about 50 people," said franchise development head Oskari Hakkinen, speaking to Digital Spy.

"Concentrating on one platform is just a lot easier for us where we're smaller than other studios, and its just been focused, focusing on one platform and getting that done. We have no plans for PC right now."

Back in February, Microsoft confirmed the PC version which was in development was canceled, meaning the game is now a full 360 exclusive.

We spoke to Hakkinen about Wake and a fair bit more on other stuff earlier in the year. Get it here.

Alan Wake is out in the UK on May 21 for Xbox 360.

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