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Red Dead Redemption concept art adds fuel to sequel rumors

An image of what appears to be concept art showing Thieves' Landing in Red Dead Redemption has surfaced. But there seems to be more to it than meets the eye.


Red Dead Redemption concept art adds fuel to sequel rumors

This is according to a thread in the Red Dead Redemption subreddit which posted the image. It was pulled from an ex-Rockstar employee's webpage which features previous work.

The image, along with another piece of concept art - listed as RDR2 - are dated August 17, 2015.

A couple of things to keep in mind: first - this could be a fake, not likely but possible; secondly - it could actually be scrapped content from Red Dead Redemption.

As for the latter, reddit user KDotMatrix has put forth an interesting theory regarding the image.

"Note the chromatic aberration on the poles and other objects in the image, a small point of contention in GTA 5. Chromatic aberration has become increasingly prevalent in modern triple-A games as of late. Here's a screenshot that shows the effect in the PC version of GTA 5. This was also present on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

"Chromatic aberration wasn't present in [Red Dead Redemption], as it was running on an older version of the RAGE engine. Therefore, this most likely isn't concept art from that time period."

He goes on to state that in Red Dead Redemption, there wasn't a house similar to this located in Thieves' Landing, and since we haven't played the game in ages, we can't remember so we are taking his word for it.

Some suggest the concept art could be from an HD version of Red Dead Redemption, but that's just speculation.

So, with all that in mind, keep this filed as a rumor just like the supposed leaked map from earlier in the year. Plus, we have no idea whether the next game in the Red Dead series will be a sequel to the 2010 hit or a new entry entirely.

During Take-Two's most recent call to investors, CEO Strauss Zelnick reiterated that Rockstar was “hard at work on future projects” to be revealed soon.

Soon could be E3 2016 or next year. T2's use of "soon" is similar to Blizzard's definition of the word, although not nearly as comical.

Take-Two has also said it will have a "big presence" at E3 2016 later this month where it will be pushing Mafia 3 as well as 2K Sports games and Battleborn.

Neither Rockstar North nor Rockstar San Diego were mentioned, but if the developer is ready to announce new game at E3, the Microsoft and Sony press conferences worth keeping your eyes on.

E3 2016 takes place June 14-16 so, be sure to check out our E3 2016 hub for all the news, videos, screenshots, interviews and much more, live and direct for this year's show.

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