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Where to find the werewolf in Red Dead Redemption 2

While he's not quite a werewolf, here's where to find the Feral Man raised by wolves in RDR2.

Arthur Morgan stands outside of the cave where the Feral Man (also known as a wereman or werewolf) can be found in Red Dead Redemption 2
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There's a rare sighting in Red Dead Redemption 2 that has players spooked.

On a full-moon, there's a chance you might hear a wild howling. Follow the sound and you could come across a naked, feral man snarling and howling at the moon. He's protected by a massive white wolf that will attack.

If you're hoping to find the werewolf in Red Dead Redemption 2, here's how, but be warned; there are spoilers ahead.

Where to find the werewolf in Red Dead Redemption 2

The werewolf, who is also know as the Feral Man in Red Dead Redemption 2, can be found near Raonoke Ridge, north of Annesburg during nighttime.

If you get close to the wolf-like man, he will flee, but you can follow him back to his cave around the nearby river. This is specififally where the 'R' is in Raonoke on the map.

That said, you may not be able to follow the wolf-man during your first encounter with him as he can despawn; you'll need to run into him a second or third time to be able to follow him back to his cave.

Once inside the cave, you'll be attacked by a handful of grey wolves, while the Feral Man screams at the player to leave.

You can find the Runaway Diary in the cave here, and reading it tells the tale of a young boy inspired by a book called My Life Among The Trees. His diary ends as he meets a pack of wolf pups, and the rest is history, I guess.

What you do with the Feral Man is up to your own conscience, or whatever conscience you have crafted for Arthur Morgan. Do note, however, that Arthur will lose Honor Ranking for killing the wolves here.

If you kill his wolf friends, he will lay on the floor whimpering. If you then read his diary, however, this is when he becomes more of a real threat. He'll become enraged and attempt to attack Arthur with a knife, but he is easy enough to subdue.

Aside from the Runaway Diary, the cave is primarily littered with carcasses and a few food items, but nothing special or hidden. Maybe you should just live and let live, huh?

It's also worth noting that if you enter the cave during the day there's no signs of life apart from a tiny campfire.

Here's a video of the whole spooky encounter from YouTuber wojnar90.

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Also, head a few feet south of the cave here and you'll find the Old Tomb that contains the Viking Hatchet so you may as well pick that up while you're here.

If you're looking for more weird easter eggs in Red Dead Redemption 2 we've got you covered. Did you know that there's a UFO sighting and a vampire to discover, too?

For more on RDR2, take a look at our complete Red Dead Redemption 2 guide.

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