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All Red Dead Redemption 2 Fence Locations: Where to get the lockbreaker

If you've some valuables you need to sell in RDR2, here's where you can find a Fence to get rid of your illicit gains.

If you're looking to shift some hot property in Red Dead Redemption 2, then you need a fence. There are more ways to sell off your loot than setting up a stall in the middle of town, if you're willing to duck behind the nearest wall in case anyone's looking that is.

As some of your loot can be obtained through questionable means, such as a robbery, you'll need a fence to sell your illicit gains to. There are six fences to be found across the country that will take stolen loot or gold bars off your hands.

Here's all fence locations in Red Dead Redemption 2, and how to get the lockbreaker.

All Red Dead Redemption 2 Fence Locations

The fences will sometimes be found hidden in a shack or in a storefront, depending on their locations. As well as buying looted items, they also sell special items such as crafting recipes, masks, explosives, and melee weapons. This is where you can buy recipes for some incredibly powerful arrows for your bow.

Emerald Ranch Fence

The first fence can be found near the Emerald Ranch and you'll be introduced to him during the Pouring Fourth Oil mission in Chapter 2. He's the only fence that will buy stolen wagons from you.

New Hanover Fence

The next can be found in Van Horn Trading Post in the East of New Hanover. There's nothing particularly special about this one; he'll buy your illegally-acquired goods, but you'll want to head elsewhere to sell horses or wagons.

Rhodes Fence

Another fence is located in the Lemoyne region, just Northeast of Rhodes.

Saint Denis Fence

The next fence can be found in in the East of Saint Denis, where you'll wind up during Chapter 3 of RDR2. This is the fence who you can sell the majority of your gold bars to for $500 each.

Clemens Cove Fence

The Horse Fence north of Rhodes is marked on the Red Dead Redemption 2 map
Image credit: VG247/Rockstar Games

During Chapter 3 of RDR2, Arthur and the gang will steal a bunch of horses from the Braithwaites and sell them to Clay Davies of the Clemen Coves Fence. Following this, the fence will be available for you to go and sell any stolen horses to.

The Horse Fence is north of Rhodes and slightly to the east.

Where to get the lockbreaker in Red Dead Redemption 2

The lockbreaker is a tool you'll use to open lock boxes and other sealed items. Using the lockbreaker means you won't make a loud noise when looting. The only other way to open a lock box is to shoot the lock off, which obviously attracts attention.

You will earn the lockbreaker during Chapter 3's mission Friends in Very Low Places. If you need to buy one before that, you can get one from the fence in Saint Denis for $25.

The fence is just one of the special merchants in Red Dead Redemption 2, we've listed all of the Trapper locations too.

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