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RAGE - New trailer, Anarchy Edition, new iOS game

id Software finally showed RAGE's multiplayer segment in Utah last week, with design director Matt Hooper confirming to VG247 it'll release a second iOS title on the IP.

You'll hear more details on the multiplayer from us later in the week, but it will feature two major components: co-op and something known as RAGE Combat Rally.

RAGE Combat Rally will feature up to at least six players on competitive and team modes. One of the modes shown was competitive, where going through rally points and taking out leaders earn you points. Weapons are naturally included.

The second multiplayer segment is known as Legends of the Wasteland, where you and a buddy will take on co-op missions based on events told in the single-player, either online and split-screen.

More on the multiplayer, as well as hands-on impressions with some of the single-player missions, will come tomorrow.

Second iOS spin-off confirmed by Hooper

Meanwhile, design director Matt Hooper has told VG247 that there will be a second iOS spin-off of the game, but didn't drop any more details or when it will release.

"We do have a team that their whole focus is to work on that. John [Carmack] is really proud of that and he likes doing it. It does make sense. We haven't made any firm commitment on when it will release, but there will be another RAGE title on iOS," Hooper told us in Park City in a ten minute video interview you'll see tomorrow.

It follows what appeared to be a mention of a second title from id tech boss John Carmack at QuakeCon last year following the unveil of Mutant Bash TV, saying another title could arrive before the shooter launches this year.

Watch the full interview with Matt Hooper tomorrow.

Anarchy Edition announced, US only for now

Bethesda also announced that it'll launch an Anarchy Edition of RAGE.

The special edition, which is for 360, PC and PS3, will include a double-barrel shotgun, rat-rod buggy - which will replace your standard buggy in the game - fists of RAGE and a crimson elite armour, which is a combo of three suit armours in the game.

Those who've already pre-ordered the shooter, id's first new IP in 15 years, will be automatically upgraded for free.

The Anarchy Edition is, however, only confirmed for the US at the minute, with Bethesda PR and marketing VP Pete Hines insisting at the company's pre-E3 showcase in Utah that no further announcements have been made on the SE for the UK or Europe.

id also confirmed that a mission pack known as the "Wasteland Sewers" where you're sent in to a collection of these mutant infested tunnels of old abandoned structures underground.

"It's a really neat offering that adds a lot of gameplay to the Wasteland," according to creative director Tim Willits. It will come as standard with all copies of the game, normal or the Anarchy Edition.

RAGE releases on September 13 in the US and September 16 in the UK for PS3, 360 and PC. Get new footage below.

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