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Rage delayed until 2011, confirms id Software


id Software creative director Tim Willits has revealed to VG247 that Rage won't make 2010, and will now release next year.

Speaking to us in an exclusive interview last week at a pre-E3 event from Bethesda, he told us the game hadn't even hit alpha yet, but is "close" to doing so, adding "it would be horrible" if the shooter were to release right now.

"Because we haven’t even hit alpha on this thing yet," Willits told us on the reasoning behind the 2011 release.

"But we’re working very hard and we’re getting close to that. But it’s important that we get this right. There’s nothing worse than pushing something out before it’s ready."

"And the great thing about Bethesda and Zenimax is [that] the executive management has the faith in us to give us the resource that we need to do the right game. Because, trust me, it would be horrible if we were to release it and it was bad."

Willits further added: "As you saw, it’s running well on the 360. There are some graphical things that John [Carmack]’s working through, that he’ll get fixed. But the engine’s pretty solid."

The game was shown on Xbox 360 at the event, the first time it was shown on the consoles.

In addition to 360, it'll release on PC and PlayStation 3.

Get our full interview with Tim Willits here.

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