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Quantum Break will have TV episodes on the Xbox One disc that shift via player choice

Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that the Xbox One shooter will also house episodes of the accompanying TV series on the disc.

It follows news that Quantum Break will use both a highly-advanced destruction engine, and a nine-camera facial capture technique for its digital actors.

Now, speaking with Polygon, Remedy's Sam Lake "Acts of the game are interwoven with episodes of the show," Quantum Break's lead writer Sam Lake said, "What we have as connecting tissue are these moments of choice related to the fiction of time powers.

"Our bad guy in the game has the most powerful time powers of all, and he has this junction ability where he's able to see glimpses of different futures, different timelines. It's almost like a dynamic player-created cliffhanger at the end of each act.

"You get to explore these glimpses and visions of two different futures, and you make a choice as to which comes to be. And from that we shift into an episode of the show. From the first scene you'll get alternate content depending on the choice you've made."

The on-disc TV episodes will shift depending on the outcome of these alternate futures, and the choices you make throughout the campaign.

What do you make of the shifting narrative idea?

Via Eurogamer and LegendaryBoss.

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