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PSP Remaster series to bring portable classics to PS3

Sony has announced a new line of HD revamps for classic PSP titles, giving them a serious brush off and making them playable on your PlayStation 3. The first to be trailered is the phenomenally successful Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

The re-releases will follow the path trod by Sony's PS2 HD classics such as Prince of Persia and the upcoming Team Ico double pack, sporting full HD. It's not clear whether they'll be retail releases or download only.

Some titles will support stereoscopic 3D and Dual Shock features, and others will include bonus content.

The new series will be playable on both PSP and PS3, and save files created on either system will be usable with the other. Sony's announcement specifically mentions using your save file to continue play after switching systems.

Moreover, you'll be able to access PSP multiplayer directly from the PS3 thanks to a new application enabling the PSP's ad hoc network to be initialised on the larger console.

No word on dates yet, and according to SCEI Japan, which made the announcement, the new line is "starting in the Japanese market". Dang. We're awaiting further information from SCE Europe and SCE America.

Check out the trailer for the remastered Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (called Monster Hunter Freedom 3 outside Japan) below - it is certainly shiny.

No other titles have been mentioned yet, but as CVG notes, the two God of War games on PSP - Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta - have been rumoured to be headed to PS3 for some time. The PS2 trilogy has already made the leap to PS3.

The PSP's successor, currently called the NGP, is expected to release internationally in 2012. The PSPgo has recently been discontinued.

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