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Capcom USA “pushing” for local release of PSP Remasters

Christian Svensson of Capcom USA has said the company is hoping to see PSP Remasters of games like Monster Hunter Portable 3rd released in the West.

"Frankly, a lot of that sits in Sony's hands, SCEA and SCEI's hands right now," Svensson said during an Ask Capcom Q&A.

"I could see it happening in Japan, because SCEJ has committed to that range of product. … I continue to have conversations with SCEA on this topic.

"... We're pushing hard for that to happen. I think that opens the door to Power Stone … to Monster Hunter. Unfortunately there's no movement on that front right now. Still pushing."

Asked about Monster Hunter news in particular, Svensson reiterated that the issue is in Sony's hands, but hinted that Capcom has an announcement forthcoming if nothing comes of negotiations.

"We mentioned the Sony issue around the PSP to PS3 line that Sony Japan is doing. I’m still pushing very hard on that, I’d like for that to happen.," he said.

"In the absence of that, at some point in time, we will have some additional news, which is interesting, actually."

The PSP Remasters series has so far been confirmed only for Japan. Sony announced that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, otherwise known as Monster Hunter Freedom 3, will be the first title in the PSP Remasters series.

The range of reissues will not support trophies, but will allow players to carry over progress between the PSP and PS3, as well as take advantage of a second analog stick. Sony recently unveiled the PSP Engine which powers the conversions.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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