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Capcom sees profits rise, Monster Hunter brings in big sales

Capcom's announced an earnings and sales increase for its third quarter results this morning, thanks in part to Monster Hunter Freedom 3.

For the nine months ending December 2010, Capcom saw profits go up by 294 percent year-on-year to ¥6.83 billion. Sales revenue for the period was ¥70.77 billion, a 41 percent increase.

Capcom's rolling around in money because of the release of Monster Hunter Freedom 3. The game, which launched near the end of 2010, sold 4.1 million units on PSP.

A downloadable version is in development for NGP

Capcom also announced that Blue Castle's Dead Rising 2 sold 2.2 million units since its launch last September.

Super Street Fighter IV sold 1.6 million units, while Lost Planet 2 was a 1.5 million seller.

There's more through here.

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