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US retailer lists Monster Hunter Portable 3, FFX, Lord of Apocalypse for Vita

A pamphlet for a US retail store has been posted over on Gematsu, and it lists a few interesting tidbits which should get your mouths salivating. According to the business document, Vita versions of Monster Hunter Portable 3, Final Fantasy X, and Lord of Apocalypse were listed. While the later has already been released in Japan, and FFX is in the works for the handheld, neither title has never been confirmed for US localisation, despite a few rumblings on the matter. However, rumors regarding Monster Hunter Portable 3 hitting the device, have been around almost as long as the official announcement of Vita. We'll send a mail to all respective parties, and hopefully we'll get a nibble or two. Until then, consider all of this a wonderful rumor.

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