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PS4 launch: specs, games, features and more - everything here

PlayStation 4 is out now. VG247's Dave Cook runs down all of the console and game essentials from specs and launch games, to future releases and interesting quotes. Get it all inside.

Christ alive it's actually happening isn't it? Someone pinch me.

We're finally here, the day PS4 has launched throughout the west, and from this side of the fence it's been one hell of a wild ride. Over the past few years we've seen several mad theories regarding Sony's next-gen strategy, but now there's no shroud or mysteries left to unravel, just the bare facts presented for your consideration. What happens after today is anyone's guess, but we'll be here as always, writing about it from our orbital news platform that never sleeps.

So to mark this momentous occasion, I thought I'd compile a hub page full of the juiciest quotes, the essential knowledge and impressions from our own team. Consider it a PS4 survival guide if you will.

The PS4 reveal and launch day details

PS4 Games

  • PS4 will cost $399 / £349 on its own and games will come in at a range of prices, both physical and digital. You'll find the entire PS4 launch game line-up through the link.
  • This trailer states that here are over 180 games in development for PS4 right now.
  • At the official US launch event we saw the first Uncharted 4 teaser trailer, and inFamous: Second Son was dated along with some new footage.
  • If you buy a game disc and install it to your PS4 hard drive, you should be able to play it almost immediately after starting the installation, according to recent hands-on reports. The game will continue to install in the background.
  • Games on Sony's platform will - much like their PS3 and PS Vita counterparts - have unlockable trophies. We learned earlier this week that each trophy will now be ranked in terms of rarity. How rare a particular trophy is will shift dynamically depending on how many people have unlocked it. Get the details here.
  • This is what the new PS4 trophy unlock animation looks like.
  • We've already posted PS4 trophy lists for Killzone: Shadow Fall and Need for Speed: Rivals, if you want to check them out ahead of getting your console.
  • Games will also come with capture capabilities thanks to the PS4's DVR function, allowing you capture 15 minutes of gameplay at a time. You can then share this online with the world. However, if you prefer to use an existing capture card, our very own Sam Clay has produced this video showing you how to set it up for use with Sony's new console.
  • Sony confirmed this week that it will continue to allow gamers to share and re-sell their games as they see fit, after changes to its software usage terms caused some concern.
  • To play games online you'll need a paid PS Plus subscription, similar to Xbox Live, except you'll get a wealth of free games each month. Sony confirmed this week that indie releases Don't Starve and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will be free on the service when they launch.
  • You will be able to play your PS4 titles on PS Vita using both console's remote play feature. For example, Blizzard recently confirmed that Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition would come with the feature as standard. It's helpful if you get booted off the telly.

PS4 specs and firmware

DualShock 4 and the PlayStation Camera

PS4 apps, multimedia and the cloud

PS4 trailers

In case you're one of those folk who would rather watch the games rather than hear about them, I've chucked together a quick list of recent PS4 game trailers and commercials for you to enjoy. Careful not to let them get in the way of your work now.

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